Deprived of money for alcohol, TN man beats his father to death


Chennai: A retired assistant collector, P. Subramanian, was beaten to death by his 32-year-old son, S. Karthick, after the former refused to give him money to buy alcohol.

The incident occurred Monday in the Cuddalore district of Tamil Nadu.

The late Subramanian was staying with his youngest son, Karthick, after his wife’s death. The son was an alcoholic and took money from his father. When Karthick asked for money on Monday, his father refused to pay it. This infuriated Karthick and he repeatedly hit the 76-year-old with an iron road.

Karthick, a graduate engineer with an MBA, was unemployed and took money from his father.

The incident came to light when Karthick called an agency to provide him with a large freezer box to keep his father’s body. People from the agency arriving at the scene found several traces of injuries on the body of the deceased and alerted the police.

The police team reached the residence and arrested Karthick and charged him with the murder of his father.

According to Cuddalore Police, Karthick was employed by a mobile phone company in Chennai, but during the pandemic he lost his job and moved to his father’s house.

Karthick was brought before a magistrate and remanded in custody.

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