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Dwyane Wade and Julia Coney Join UC Davis Board of Directors

The University of California at Davis, one of the world’s leading wine research centers, this week introduced three new members of its executive committee for the Department of Viticulture and Oenology: three-time NBA champion and co-owner of Wade Cellars. Dwyane Wade, wine writer and founder of the Black Wine Professionals database Julia coney and partner of Silverado Farming Company and alumnus of Davis Miguel Moon.

They join the 26-member UC Davis Wine Department Board of Directors, chaired by Dr Laura Catena from Bodega Catena Zapata in Argentina. The Board of Directors is made up of industry leaders, educators, and other guest members who help the department socially and economically uplift the wine community. In Wade’s case, he hopes to increase diversity and accessibility in an industry he once found intimidating.

The Wine Spectator Scholarship Foundation has provided more than $ 3.7 million in scholarships to more than 900 students in the Viticulture and Oenology program at UC Davis.

“I felt the change UC Davis wanted to make with inclusion and diversity in a big way,” said Wade. Wine spectator. “Once we had the opportunity to speak and communicate my role and the impact I could have, it was a no-brainer to join the board. I am very honored to have one of these seats… I’m looking forward to it. “

Head of the Viticulture and Oenology Department David Bloc explained that the three new hires will help the board achieve its goals, including expanding the diversity of the student body. “We have a long history of working to diversify Davis’s student body,” he said. “Over the past 10 years we’ve focused more on Latino students, and we’ve made really good progress, from 3-5% 10 years ago to 25% now.” He added that new recruiting efforts are in place, but more needs to be done. “We can do better, and we can also include more diversity. “

“[Wade] is able to reach a large audience, “Block said,” with 18 million Instagram followers, including young people who would be interested in potentially becoming wine drinkers or going to school at UC Davis . It’s also a more diverse demographic, which is great for the wine industry and for us. “

Block also praised Coney’s work as a writer and communicator, and his thoughtful approach to recruiting. “She said to me several times, ‘Remember, this is a marathon, not a sprint; think long term.

Silverado Farming Company Partner Miguel Luna (Suzanne Becker Bronk)

Luna, a native of Mexico who started working in Napa wineries as a teenager and is now a partner of the Silverado Farming Company wine company, has previously mentored and recruited students informally. “I am committed to ensuring that students see viticulture, enology and the wine industry as a great career path,” Luna said in a statement released by the university. “I am also committed to educating immigrant parents to navigate the American school system to ensure that first generation Americans are prepared to succeed in higher education.”

Wade added that he wants young wine lovers in his community to follow an easier path. “I wish I could build something that one day becomes accessible and that can speak to the community I’m a part of,” said Wade. “The UC Davis brand must be seen [in] and associated with [the Black community], and we have to go into the community, we don’t need them to come to us. “

“I feel like I can communicate and help guide people who are trying to seek more information or be a part of the world that I am a part of,” Wade said. “If it’s something you want to do, enter it with open ears, wide-eyed eyes, and enter it however you want.”

Moda Center wine studio at Domaine Serene]

Moda Center wine studio at Domaine Serene (Courtesy of Domaine Serein)

Domaine Serene Wine Studio debuts at Portland Trail Blazers Arena

NBA Portland Trail Blazers organization and its actors—CJ McCollum and Carmelo Anthony, among others, are leading the league in wine appreciation. To kick off the 2021-’22 season, the Blazers and Serene Estate of Oregon have teamed up to create a 7,500 square foot wine studio in the Moda Center, which will feature large-format bottles, cellar photographs and of vineyards, signed by the player. bottles and jerseys and views of the field. And there is a lot of wine from Domaine Serene at to drink, too much.

“Domaine Serene’s partnership with the Portland Trail Blazers goes well beyond a traditional sponsorship agreement,” said Domaine Serene CEO Ryan harris Recount Wine spectator by email. “I am convinced that no other professional sports venue combines a luxurious, wine-inspired atmosphere with excellent wine service and stunning views of the playing field.”

So what can fans drink during the game? Harris says the studio will be serving Domaine Serene Yamhill Cuvée Pinot Noir, Evenstad Reserve Chardonnay and Evenstad Reserve Pinot Noir. Evenstad Chardonnay and Pinot Noir were each among Wine spectatorof the 10 best wines of the year (respectively n ° 2 in 2016 and n ° 3 in 2013).

The Moda Center Wine Studio is the third off-site tasting room at the Dundee Hills estate, following the 2018 opening of the downtown Portland and Lake Oswego locations at Domaine Serene. A fourth tasting room is slated to open in Bend later this year.

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