Immersive AR Tasting Room Experience Now in New Mumbai

It’s time for new-age minds to meet technology and the trio of Dinesh, Jayesh and Pritesh Kathuria have strived to do just that. The Liquor Store (TLS) is a premium liquor gallery and tasting facility equipped with technology – projecting an immersive AR catalog of a label, shopping that transforms into an immersive, interactive experience that takes you to through unique sampling, cooking pairings and high-energy events. Time to welcome Mumbai’s largest liquor collection to Maharashtra, with over 1,000 spirits, 1,500 wines, 250 champagnes and over 100 beer alternatives.

The tavern’s gallery, adorned with black marble and gold finishes, exudes a contemporary art deco aura that enriches the experience of upscale options with interactive tours and personal tastings. It is designed to serve up all-day experiences from breakfast options, lunches including Buddha bowls, poached pear salads and lemon mustard chicken salad, pizzas and Mexican chimichangas . Sharing options include their specialty cheese platters, Dual tikkas (half basil pesto and sun-dried pesto) and blue cheese chicken tikka, Chermoula shrimp and Katsu baos.

The Liquor Store is an upscale liquor gallery and tasting center offering digital displays for independent tours

How it works

Upon arrival, guests are encouraged to choose a map created to explore the bespoke spirits museum.
Suggested locker stops will enhance the liquor shopping experience – providing additional insight through technology and trivia. The store is AI-smart, with tabletops adding cutting-edge technology that allows bottles to reflect their information on a screen. TLS’s sommelier and spirits experts will offer selected tastings, take curious patrons on an informational tour, or engage them in lively conversation. TLS started the new-age conversation around spirits to keep customers coming back for more.

Standing in the TLS wine cellar, you could be in a wine cellar at a vineyard in any part of the world. A constant, ambient temperature of 18 degrees Celsius is maintained for this section. The collection is divided into young wine
countries like India, Australia and America and ancient wine regions like Argentina, Chile, Spain, Italy and France. From Chassagne Montrachet (Rs 19,000), Championnet (Rs 25,500) to Clos de la Roche and Grand Cru (Rs 47,000), the TLS collection is destined to impress.