Integration of post-harvest technology with table grapes


Hazel Technologies, Inc. has announced a partnership with Jasmine Vineyards, a San Joaquin Valley-based table grape producer-packer-shipper of more than a dozen different grape varieties.

Jasmine Vineyards plans to incorporate Hazel® products into its grape portfolio to extend the shelf life of grapes throughout the California season. In addition to supplying the US market, Jasmine Vineyards ships worldwide and uses Hazel’s products in its containers traveling to Asia, Oceania and other global destinations.

California’s Central Valley is home to research, innovation and flavor for the table grape category. The California Table Grape Commission notes that the season in the Central Valley runs from June to January, when more than 350 growers in the region grow 80 different varieties, ranging from classic cultivars to vibrant new breeds. After seeing South American growers test Hazel’s post-harvest technologies, Jasmine Vineyards is incorporating Hazel’s solutions into its best strains such as Flame, Summer Crunch, Sweet Globe, Sweet Celebration and Summer Royal.

“At Jasmine Vineyards, we are always looking for ways to invest in our product,” said Jon P. Zaninovich, owner and president of Jasmine Vineyards. “Our goal is to give consumers that one-of-a-kind, sweet and juicy crunch of a California-grown grape – whether they’re munching on Jasmine Vineyards grapes in the Mid-West or New Zealand or London or anywhere. where else our grapes can be purchased. When we learned of Hazel Tech’s ability to extend shelf life and reduce waste, this investment decision was obvious. We expect impressive results with Hazel 100TM in all of our export programs and look forward to feedback from both our wholesale buyers and consumers around the world. “

Right: Jon P. Zaninovich

“Ninety-nine percent of American table grapes are produced in the Coachella and San Joaquin valleys. Between the rich soil and the climate, Mother Nature has created the optimal growing conditions for grapes in California, Hazel 100 helps consumers experience the best of California table grapes, regardless of the length of the supply chain ” said Aidan Mouat, CEO, Hazel Technologies. “At Hazel, we are extremely focused on providing technologies that protect quality and prevent food waste in the grape category. Our trusted category partners like Jasmine Vineyards use Hazel Tech products to increase sales and reduce waste with their retail partners.

Right: Aidan Mouat

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