Liquor Store Owner Uses Social Media To Discourage People With Fake IDs From Trying To Buy Alcohol


By Jessica Harrington

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) – A Fresno store owner is taking a new approach to deter people with fake IDs from trying to buy alcohol from his store.

When he surprises someone, he posts the video on social media.

Harmanpreet Singh owns Red Wave Liquor on E. Shaw Avenue, just across from Fresno State.

Singh said being close to college brings a lot of fake IDs, especially at the start of each semester.

Singh said he wanted a way to deal with so many minors trying to buy alcohol, so he started posting videos on his store’s Instagram page.

“Not to humiliate the kids or anything, but just to raise awareness and just to dissuade people from coming here and trying this in my store,” Singh said.

Video after video, he identifies a false identity document and then confiscates it.

Singh says that about three years ago his store was fined by the state liquor control after someone with fake ID was able to make a purchase.

He began to research and learn more about fake IDs and how easy it is to obtain them.

They have also improved and are harder to spot.

Singh has gotten good at recognizing them and has a pile behind the counter that he has been collecting over the past few months.

“If I don’t keep it, they’re just going to come out and use it again.” Singh said.

He will eventually hand them over to the ABC

Singh said he had only one goal in mind, to keep people safe and keep alcohol away from minors.

“Wait. Wait until you’re 21.” Singh said. “Once you turn 21 the years will pass, so wait.”

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