Longer Shelf Life Beers Arrive in Kerala Markets | Beverage company | Excise Department | Expiration date for beers increased

Thiruvananthapuram: Brewing businesses have suffered a severe blow following the closure of stores during the lockdown period. Breweries are planning to increase the shelf life of beers to make up for the loss due to Covid. Beers with a longer shelf life, which can be stored and used for up to a year, have been released. The shelf life of beers was six months previously.

Two companies have released beers with a one-year shelf life. The Kerala State Beverages Corporation initially refused permission and sought legal advice from the Excise Department. The answer was that under Abkari law no expiration date has been set for beer. However, it is stipulated in the national food safety law that the expiration period must be recorded. Beer manufacturing companies advise using beers within 6 months. This is also marked on the labels. The excise department and the beverage company decided that the beer expiration period was 6 months given this. The new brands were approved for sale after the Beverages Corporation reviewed chemical test results and documents submitted by the companies.

Other brewing companies that have encountered sales problems are also following in the footsteps. Sales permits will only be granted after chemical testing.

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