Mira Kapoor is ready to start the week with a little help from this drink

For most of us, starting the week requires more than just the desire to work. After the weekend of relaxation, we need an extra boost to prepare for the week ahead. For Mira Kapoor, that extra push comes in the form of coffee. Mira, who has been through a hectic time recently with Shahid’s birthday party and the family functions she has to attend, is finally ready to start the new week and get back into action, with only a cup of coffee by her side. ! Mira uploaded a photo to her Instagram story and it showed a large cup of coffee, breadsticks and fries to go with the drink. She captioned the post, “Back in action.” Looked:

Photo credit: Image Instagrammed by mira.kapoor

However, it’s not just caffeine and crisps that make Mira Kapoor the best version of her! Given how much Mira appreciates a clean and healthy life, she started the second day of the week with freshly cut fruits and nuts by her side. Her recent Instagram Story featured two bowls, one with tiny fig pieces and the other with walnuts; she captioned this image – “So fresh!”. Looked:


Photo credit: Image Instagrammed by mira.kapoor

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While Mira is back on her fitness game with fruit and dried fruit, her last weekend indulgences had pointed in an entirely different direction. Mira and Shahid were seen having a burger war at a picnic last weekend. The couple posted photos of the burgers, fries and other things they enjoyed together. Read all about their adorable burger “war” jokes here.

While Mira Kapoor has caffeine and fruit to get you through the week, what are your go-to foods that get you through life? Let us know in the comments below.