Plant-based milk is gaining ground in the beverage market in China

Now there is a new way to flavor coffee – with plant-based milk.

In many cafes across China, oat milk takes an increasing part from cow’s milk to become the best coffee companion. And with so many coffee drinkers in China these days, there are many domestic and international herbal milk brands on the market. The price is higher than cow’s milk but consumers do not seem worried about the additional cost.

And there are niche brands with a lot of products. In addition to oat milk, you will also come across soy, coconut, and even pea milk. The newest addition to this emerging market is potato milk, which already has its fans online.

Hyung Woo Kim of Internet research firm Personality said consumers would choose potato milk with curiosity. “Making milk from potatoes? It’s a great idea, and you can make a variety of flavored drinks with potato milk. As the Swedish brand of oat milk Oatley becomes more and more popular around the world and well received in China, I think potato milk has a lot of potential too, ”Kim said.

It appears that a high potential market is in its early stages of development. A survey by the Somur medical research company shows that more than 99% of its samples of 5,471 Chinese have some difficulty digesting the sugars in animal milk. Add to that a growing demand for healthier food options these days.

Meanwhile, market research firm Mintel found that 65% of its respondents increased their frequency of healthy eating compared to the pre-COVID-19 era.

“44% of our respondents believe that a healthy diet should include both animal and plant protein,” said Joy Yin, senior food and beverage analyst at Mintel. “On the other hand, we have also observed that consumers view herbal drinks as more natural than milk and dairy drinks.”

In overseas markets like the UK and US, plant milk sales are growing in double digits every year. Projections from the Research and Markets market research platform show that the global plant-based milk market will be worth $ 22 billion in 2024.

Plant-based foods and drinks are not only healthy diet options, but also a major lifestyle trend. Louisiana Waring, senior vision and policy officer for the Vegan Society, says healthy dietary trends in developing countries are driving the consumption of plant-based milk.

“Consumers are much more aware and interested in improving their health. Eating more plant-based foods really fits into the lifestyle. Plant-based milk correctly represents ten percent of the global milk market.” , she said.

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