Relaxation of Covid standards for alcohol sales in Haryana draws criticism: The Tribune India

Tribune press service

Rohtak, January 20

The Haryana government’s decision to extend liquor sales hours, but keep restrictions on the opening of educational institutions and shops intact, has drawn criticism.

Deepender Singh Hooda, MP for Rajya Sabha of Congress, denounced the decision saying that the government had extended the opening hours of alcohol sales until 10 p.m., but other traders were not allowed to open their stores after 6 p.m.

Leaders of local traders also lodged their protest against the government’s decision.

‘Why only concern income?’

Education and health should be the priorities of a welfare state, but the government has neglected these sectors and focused on revenue generation. —Mahavir Sharma, former university professor

On the other hand, owners/managers of schools and coaching academies have questioned the decision to allow liquor vendors, bars and restaurants to operate but keeping educational institutions closed.

Education does not appear to be a government priority, they argue.

Teachers working in private academies and part-time coaching centers have been forced to work as insurance agents and food deliverers to make ends meet as they have been rendered jobless due to Covid restrictions.

Demonstrations were also organized in some parts of the state against the supposedly indifferent attitude of the authorities concerned in this regard. Dinesh Kumar, who runs a private teaching academy in Rohtak, says teachers working at the coaching centers have lost their jobs due to the disruption of regular classes.

“I started working as an insurance agent to earn a living. Another teacher working at a private coaching center applied for a part-time food delivery job to make ends meet,” he says. —