Synergy Flavors launches 4PROTEIN for whey protein shakes


Designed to make the product easier to formulate, it can be declared on the package as a natural flavor and offers a range of texture and flavor benefits, the company said.

In 2021, Synergy surveyed the main international users of sports nutrition products to define their expectations in terms of “good taste”. Creamy taste and consistency proved to be the most appealing taste characteristics, while note issues like mouth dryness, cardboard, bitterness and astringency continue to impact the appeal of the flavor. product and remain a barrier to the nutritional category.

Using this information, Synergy said its product development process is focused on achieving optimal taste performance for consumers and providing a versatile, convenient and cost-effective solution for manufacturers. The performance of the product has been validated by an internal sensory panel.

Synergy said its solution allows manufacturers to create a natural, creamy taste and sweetness in their products, mask off wrong notes, and improve mouthfeel in whey protein isolate (WPI) and concentrate. whey protein (WPC), while providing a richer, creamier taste. and texture through different sources of whey protein.

Chris Whiting, Category Manager, Synergy Flavors, said: “Synergy’s 4PROTEIN range enhances the overall taste experience of whey protein products, making them more forgiving and premium. While flavor profiles and variations have improved dramatically in recent years, the widespread adoption of protein has created more discerning consumers and we are all too aware of the main complaints from major users of sports nutrition products.

“Being part of the Carbery group, one of the world’s leading suppliers of whey protein, means that Synergy is uniquely positioned to develop flavor solutions for whey protein. Whether you are looking to replenish protein creaminess with less fat or to create all-new gourmet flavors, Synergy’s 4PROTEIN versatile flavor solutions will help you enhance the taste experience of sports nutrition enthusiasts.

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