The State Alcohol Board surveys the Harbes vineyard

Monica and Edward Harbes III

Independent / Gianna Volpe

Harbes Family Vineyard (HFV) in Mattituck has agreed to pay a fine of $ 10,000 for non-compliance with its license from the New York State Liquor Authority, which is continuing its investigation.

An SLA investigation found that Harbes Vineyards wines are produced by Pindar Vineyards despite its license stating that it “harvested grapes and juice … processed in its own on-site production building,” according to the agency.

“HFV did not intentionally violate the liquor control law,” wrote Edward Harbes in an affidavit filed with ALS. “HFV has always intended to operate as a real vineyard. Wine is now made on-site, and we will continue to produce over 50 gallons of wine from on-site fruit as long as such production is required to hold a winery license.

A lawyer for Harbes submitted a plea of ​​no contest to ALS on August 19. But other charges could be filed.

SLA spokesman William Crowley said: “Based on complaints and additional information recently received by the authority, the SLA board of directors on September 29 referred this matter for investigation. further investigation and consideration of additional charges. “

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