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Two other restaurants report being duped by “overturned wine crook”

FARGO, ND (Valley News Live) – Two other restaurants have come forward after they said they were also swindled by a man with a scheme involving spilled wine and fake receipts.

It’s a story that Valley News Live first brought to you on Wednesday when four downtown bars and restaurants said they were recently hit by the “spilled wine con artist.”

“He says one of the waiters spilled wine on his wife’s dress. I don’t think anyone’s ever spilled wine on anyone. That doesn’t happen, ”said Cole Halde, bartender at both Sidestreet and Dempsey’s.

Halde said the man typically carried a dry cleaning receipt that totals $ 39.99 to remove the wine stain and asked staff members to reimburse him for the problem. Dempsey’s, Sidestreet, Mezzaluna, and Radisson’s Level 2 Eats and Drinks have all been hit over the past week, but none of them gave the man any money.

Staff at the Tavern Grill on S. 32nd Avenue, as well as at Wild Bill’s Saloon on S. 45th Street, are now telling Valley News Live that they were hit by the same man earlier in August.

Like the downtown incidents, carbon copy receipts show a bill for $ 39.99 for removing the wine stain from a cashmere sweater and blouse. Both restaurants say they gave the man $ 40.

In the downtown incidents, the man’s receipts indicated that they were from “Concord Cleaners”. An online research shows that the dry cleaning company is based only in Kentucky. One of the receipts taken in the two Fargo incidents also showed that it came from “Concord Cleaners”, while the others indicate that it came from “Specialty Dry Cleaners LLC”. An online search for this company shows that it is strictly a Colorado-based dry cleaning company.

Staff said the man claimed his daughter had just had a car accident and rushed to reimburse him. The man told a similar story in the downtown incidents, bartenders told Valley News Live.

“A fairly elaborate scam,” wrote a member of staff.

Bartenders say they cautioned each other on various groups of servers online, but again urge people on the subway to always be wary and keep an eye out for this man and his alleged scheme.

Of the six incidents to date, none have been reported to Fargo Police.

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