Uttar Pradesh government launches food and drink projects to entice farmers

The materialization of investment pledges made by the food and beverage giants is helping the BJP-led government of Uttar Pradesh boost its projected pro-farmer image ahead of assembly elections next year.

Several of these projects have been inaugurated, while work has started on the others. These not only highlight the Yogi Adityanath government’s push on industrialization and employment, but with companies looking to source their raw materials from local farmers, it also sends a positive message to the wider world. agricultural community, a crucial category of voters, both when sections of farmers agitate against the new agricultural laws of the Center.

Programs are strategically organized to mark the inauguration or the laying of the foundation stone of important projects, with the Chief Minister delivering the intended message.

Last month, CM Adityanath inaugurated PepsiCo’s largest entirely new factory in India, built with an investment of Rs 814 crore at Kosi Kalan in Mathura, a place better known as the birthplace of Lord Krishna. The US beverage and snack company will source 150,000 tonnes of potatoes each year from more than 5,000 local farmers to produce its iconic Lay’s potato chips at the facility.

“The project will not only give farmers a platform to sell their produce, but all produce from the Kosi Kalan factory will take the essence of Braj bhoomi with them to Mathura, wherever they travel,” Adityanath said. during a public address, while launching the installation.

On Thursday, the CM laid the foundation stone for a Rs 340 crore cookie-making plant at Britannia Industries, 30 kilometers from the capital Lucknow in Barabanki – a predominantly agrarian district – where the cookie giant aims to produce each year 125,000 tonnes of its flagship cookie brands. including Marie Gold and Good Day. The raw material, including wheat flour and sugar, for the factory will be locally sourced, supporting a cross section of the state’s farming community, the company said, even as the chief minister reiterated its benefit to farmers.

The government is also formalizing talks for a proposed facility with an approximate investment of Rs 500 crore in Bijnor to produce processed products like potato flakes with locally sourced potatoes. The facility will be set up by Ponty Chadha’s Wave Group with Belgium-based processed and frozen food manufacturer Agristo, additional chief secretary of the horticulture and food processing department MVS Rami Reddy told ET.

These investments are a result of the food processing industry policy introduced by the Adityanath government in 2017. The policy is estimated to have attracted investments of Rs 4,983 crore, which are in different stages of approval or approval. implementation.

Reddy said the state government is currently reviewing the policy to give impetus to large-scale manufacturers as well as the creation of food parks. The revised policy, which will also keep the long-term interests of farmers at the heart of its concerns, is expected to be announced in a few months, he said.

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